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Chrysler 200

Chrysler 200

Client: Chrysler Director:  Vladimir Jedlicka Vladimir and imagesFX teamed up to create this direct-to-client project. This video is a part of a series of Anthems.


DU – Windows Phone

Client: DU Agency: Pavleye


T Com – TVMagio

Client: -T-Com Agency: Istropolitana Ogilvy Bratislava Director: James Pilkington This advertisement is a playful look at the future of technology. For all of those who’s Slovakian is as rusty as mine (scoff), a couple is watching TV and the man says he would like to … Read More


Ohm Square – Monomania

Client: Ohm Square Director: Petr Nemecek Ohm Square, an award-winning Czech electro-pop trio, imagined this video for their single, “Monomania”. The shoot was done largely on a green screen with a full CG living room, as well as on-location throughout Prague.


Fiat 500

Client: Chrysler Motor Company Director: Vladimir Jedlicka imagesFX teamed with Vladimir Jedlicka to create this classic stop-animation. With the theme of ‘green’ to reflect the new Elettra technology present in the new Fiat 500, the team came up with this immensely playful interpretation!


Wladimir and Hugo Toxxx – Kam mam jit

Client: Bistrofilms Director: Giulio De Blasio Cinematographer: Mark Bliss Klockanek is Czech for “little kangaroo”- Klokanek is also a fun to support homeless children and those who need interim care in the Czech Republic. imagesFX along with a strong team of people helped in making … Read More


Dodge Challenger

Client: Chrysler Motor Company Director: Vladimir Jedlicka imagesFX paired, one again, with Vladimir Jedlicka to bring the Dodge Challenger to life for the Detroit Auto Show. They created a film where the Challenger can bring the nostalgia of summer on Route 66 to the dreary … Read More


Paralympic Games

Client: Czech Paralympic Team Agency: MarkBBDO Director: Mark Bliss Production: Bistrofilms This film was created to celebrate the Czech Paralympic Team’s presence at the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics. Beyond it being a beautiful piece, we were so excited to see it shortlisted for Cannes this year!