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Chrysler 200

Chrysler 200

Client: Chrysler Director:  Vladimir Jedlicka Vladimir and imagesFX teamed up to create this direct-to-client project. This video is a part of a series of Anthems.


DU – Windows Phone

Client: DU Agency: Pavleye

Insurance advert

Renderings: Advertising


T Com – TVMagio

Client: -T-Com Agency: Istropolitana Ogilvy Bratislava Director: James Pilkington This advertisement is a playful look at the future of technology. For all of those who’s Slovakian is as rusty as mine (scoff), a couple is watching TV and the man says he would like to … Read More


Stopy Lidi (Human Traces)

Client: National Museum (Czech Republic) Agency: EuroRSCG Director:  MODs + imagesFX For this piece imagesFX took on this character animation project where we examine all that the human race has achieved and imagine what the moon landing was like had we evolved into something a … Read More


Motorola : MotoDanica

Client: Motorola Agency: DraftFCB Director: Jason Koxvold imagesFX created this full CG piece for an interactive web project where Motorola is promoting their new bluetooth portfolio through the sponsorship of female NASCAR racer, Danica Patrick. This piece is full-CG and part of a highly curated … Read More


Fiat 500

Client: Chrysler Motor Company Director: Vladimir Jedlicka imagesFX teamed with Vladimir Jedlicka to create this classic stop-animation. With the theme of ‘green’ to reflect the new Elettra technology present in the new Fiat 500, the team came up with this immensely playful interpretation!


Dodge Challenger

Client: Chrysler Motor Company Director: Vladimir Jedlicka imagesFX paired, one again, with Vladimir Jedlicka to bring the Dodge Challenger to life for the Detroit Auto Show. They created a film where the Challenger can bring the nostalgia of summer on Route 66 to the dreary … Read More


Paralympic Games

Client: Czech Paralympic Team Agency: MarkBBDO Director: Mark Bliss Production: Bistrofilms This film was created to celebrate the Czech Paralympic Team’s presence at the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics. Beyond it being a beautiful piece, we were so excited to see it shortlisted for Cannes this year!